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Education Stability Subsidy

I. Tuition and fee reductions according to the Ministry of Education Acts are as follows: having established 『The Tuitions and Fees Reduction method for students from low-income families and middle and low-income families studying in advanced or above schools』, the competent authorities in the residence’s municipality or county (city), according to the fourth paragraph and first article in the fourth paragraph of the regulations of this law, shall verify that the family members are from low-income families or mid low-income families and studying in private advanced or above schools that are state-run or managed by the Ministry of Education and with a school census. Therefore, international students are excluded. 

II. Disadvantaged Students Grant Program in College- according to the regulations of the 『Disadvantaged Students Grant Program in College』 of the Ministry of Education, the application target should be the students who have R.O.C. nationality and study in colleges within and outside of Taiwan with school censorship. Thus, international students are excluded.

III.Student loans- according to the regulations of 『The Education Loan Methods for Students in Above Advanced Medium Schools 』by the Ministry of Education, the target of the loan should be students who have household registration within the R.O.C.; thus international students are excluded.

Guidelines for Living Service Study Grants for Students at NKUHT

I. Application Qualifications:
There will be competitive selection among students of the university (excluding students of in-service classes) whose exam scores are more than 75, conduct results more than 80 (with no minor demerit punishment) and working class scores more than 75. Aboriginal and disabled students are not academically limited, provided that relevant proof is submitted.

II.Types and approved hours of living-service-study grants depend on the nature of the service that applicants are engaged in. Wage per hour is paid according to basic labour wages. The working time should be a maximum of 7 hours per person per day, but for students working during the night session, it should be 4 hours. During winter and summer vacations and holidays, it should be a maximum of 7 hours per person per day. There are three categories for paying living service study grants:
(1) For civil service, pay is according to basic labour wages;
(2) For service educations or assistance culinary service education: 120 yuan per hour;
(3)For research service study, 125 yuan per hour (for postgraduates receiving applications made by special project units, funds will be paid by the special project units).

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