Students of Overseas Chinese


Students of Overseas Chinese / Work Permit

The application’s required documents and considerations (for students)

一、Suitable Applicants
1.Overseas students must have been studying in a public or registered private institute of higher education, such as [Overseas Students Studying in China Approaches].
2.Overseas Chinese students must have entered school through [overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan and guidance methods] regulated guidance.
3.Students from Hong Kong or Macau must have entered school  according to the regulations of [The schooling approach of Hong Kong and Macau Residence studying in Taiwan].

二、Necessary Documents (please organize in the following order)
2.Copy of student’s ID card. (Attach directly onto the application.)
3.The application permission needs to be obtained from the school and the seal of school counseling unit and signature of unit executive needs to be attached to the application.
4-1.The performance proof of the most recent semester while studying in Taiwan for overseas Chinese students.
4-2.The performance proof of subjects, disciplines, and courses for two semesters or language courses for at least one year after overseas students have formally entered into school.
5.Pay the examination fee of the postal transfer receipt original (NT$ one hundred per head); the applicant can use a postal transfer to pay in the post office, Name: VTC in Labor Committee of Executive Yuan hires to permission fees accounts. The transfer account number is 19058848 or you can pay in the VTC cashier’s counter.
6.A copy of the passport and copies of the front and back of a valid residence visa.
7.Overseas students should submit the first six documents, as well as one of the following relevant evidential documents or special Chinese expertise proof. Nevertheless, overseas students with special Chinese expertise do not need to submit it if they are professionally ratified by the Ministry of Education to be part-time foreign language teachers in attached Chinese centers of higher education institutes or those in foreign cultural and educational institutes; the documentary copy of the Ministry of Education project approval certification is enough.
    (1)Someone lacks the financial resources to maintain studying and daily living, and specific proof can be provided.
    (2)The teaching research units of educational institutes need foreign students to assist in their work.
    (3)Relevant courses need to be practiced off campus.

The documents to be submitted to apply for reissued work permission
2.Waiver form of reissuing causes

四、Application Ways
1.Application cases will be delivered to the VTC reception window to be handled by a certain person.Location: the reception counter on the first floor, section 2 No.83, Yan Ping North Road, Datong District, Taipei
2.Use registered post to apply; the mailing address is: first floor, section 2 No.83, Yan Ping Road, Datong District, Taipei 103. Recipient specified: Comprehensive Planning Group of VIC (apply for hiring foreign professionals) receipt.

Other relevant regulations
1.The period of application of work permissions for overseas students, overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong or Macau lasts at most 6 months.
2.Except during winter and summer vacations, the most amount of work permitted per day for overseas students, overseas Chinese students and Hong Kong or Macau students is 16 hours.
3.If the preceding regulations are not followed, we will abolish the work permission in accordance with the Employment Service Law.
4.Any person, even if employed by others, will be fined NT$ 30,000 to 150,000 by the Employment Service Law if he/she has not applied for work permission in accordance with the regulations.
5.If the materials and documentary evidence are copies, they should be attached words [In accordance with the original] and sealed or signed by the applicants. 
6.According to the regulations of [Employers hiring foreigners permission and administration], work permission should only be applied for on the condition that the overseas Chinese students and students from Hong Kong or Macau have studied in Taiwan for more than one semester, while overseas students must have studied in Taiwan for at least 2 semesters or more than one year of a language course.

六、Work permission should be returned to the school counseling office if the student quits or drops out of school during the valid period of the permit.

七、Students are required to fill in the seal, job nature, and work address of the proposed companies in accordance with the guidance needs of the school.

八、If applied for in the first semester, the deadline of the work permission extends to March 31st of the following semester; if applied for in the second semester, it will extend till September 30th of the same year.
九、If the application units applicants need to submit the documents personally, they should fill in the [ statement of personal submission] , apply for it in the VTC specified counter, and take it away in the specified counter by VTC during a certain, acknowledged period. We will send it by means of registration post overdue.

十、Inquiry Tel.: 0285902567 Note: Overseas Chinese students who entered school guided by the [Overseas Chinese students studying in Taiwan and guidance methods] should not transfer voluntarily or rise to study in remediation or in –service training schools, in-service training departments, open University or open vocational schools (including night schools at all levels); furthermore, they cannot apply for work permission.
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