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Notice for poor, overseas Chinese students’ stipend examination at NKUHT
  Revised and passed on August 23rd, 2010 on campus
Revised and passed on August 2nd, 2011 on campus
Article 1 Basis: This notice was revised based on the first paragraph of Article 6 of the 『Issuance by the Ministry of Education to grant points to overseas students with poor families above senior middle school』

Article 2 Purpose: The aim is to help overseas Chinese students whose families are poor but who make the effort to learn and finish school on time.

Article 3 The application requirements for the poor, overseas Chinese students grants are as follows:
1、The applicants are overseas Chinese students from poor families studying in Taiwan who depend on overseas students studying in Taiwan and guidance methods (except graduate and research students).
2、Applicants must be above grade two, whose academic performance throughout the first academic year was above average, whose average score for behavior performance is above 80 and who has not been punished by anything more severe than a warning.
3、Applicants who have already received tuition assistance, remission or grants from the government dependent on other criteria will not be considered again for this grant.

Article 4, Subsidy Principles:
1、Quota Calculation:
(1)The subsidy quota should be authorized by the Ministry of Education according to the number of overseas Chinese students on campus.
(2)The quota for grade one should be distributed according to the percentage of overseas Chinese students in grade one out of the total number of them, and the remaining should be distributed to grade two and above.
2、Subsidy amount shall be according to the annual accounting budget that the Ministry of Education announces in public before March 31st every year. The term of the subsidy is one year from the beginning of the school year (September) to August 31st of the following year; for graduates, the subsidy will be stopped at the end of the graduation month.   
3、The subsidy will be stopped in the following month after quitting school or dropping out of school for some reasons is verified; the subsidy will be stopped in the following month after an announcement is published in regards to the students being recorded with a disease or expelled from academic status.  
4、If overseas Chinese students are investigated for forging documents or providing false materials, they will assume the relevant legal responsibilities in addition to their subsidy being stopped and the retrieval of what they have already received.

Article 5 Application Procedure
1、Overseas Chinese students should finish filling out the application form (Attachment one), provide their poor certification and transcript (unnecessary for overseas Chinese students in grade one), and submit their application for the subsidy to the International Education Group within two weeks after the start of the first semester of each academic year.
2、Furthermore, the transfer certification and transcript proof from the previous academic year should be attached for transferring overseas Chinese students.

Article 6 Examination Procedure
1、The poor overseas students’ subsidy examination team is made up of five people, the international leader, international educational group leader, Europe and America development leader, Asia-Pacific development group leader and a representative of overseas Chinese students. The application will be appraised and examined depending on the application form 『Subsidy integral scale of poor overseas Chinese』(Attachment 2) and the annual examination will be finished before October 25th every year. The examination record should be kept at the school for review.
2、Examination Standard
(1)Applicants in grade one should be ranked in accordance with the poor integral of the integral scale form while those in grade two or above should be ranked according to the total points of the scale. If the total points are the same, the student should be ranked depending on the 『Integral scale form for poor overseas Chinese students』.
(2)The living situation in Taiwan for overseas Chinese students.
3、The family situation and poor certification of overseas students provided will be verified by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission if necessary.
4、If conforming to the regulations after verified by school, the tabulation should be one copy depending on the grade permutation order, which should be verified by the Ministry of Education before October 10th every year.

Article 7, The funds appropriation, expenditure and verification should be handled in accordance to the regulations of the Ministry of Education subsidies and commission funds appropriated.

Article 8, This notice should be implemented after being verified by the headmaster, the same as the revisions.
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