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 The rules and application for the scholarship

I.With respect to each scholarship application, please go to the relevant department to submit the application materials first; these materials will be delivered to the extracurricular activities group of the student affairs office after being preliminarily examined by each department. Afterwards, a committee meeting will be held to complete the review resolution, and then we will sign an announcement to make notification.

II.All the evidential materials and achievements for review should be from the most recent semester; material from other semesters will not be considered for review.

III.Everyone should obey the principle of applying for only one scholarship item; all students awarded with a scholarship shall be submitted to the scholarship committee to review if there are any duplicate candidates.

     At present, there are a total of eight kinds of scholarships on campus, which are described as follows:
I   ) Academic Excellence Scholarship
I I ) The Poor Students’ Scholarship
    ( III ) International Students’ Excellence Scholarship 
    ( ) The Master Deng Scholarship
) Sincerity Scholarship
    ( ) The Poor Scholarship by Ye Wanting  
) HaoDi---Food Company Scholarship
    ( ) The First Bank’s Excellent Academic Scholarship

The rules and regulations for each kind of scholarship are described in the appendix.   


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