Students from Mainland China


Students from Mainland China / School Application

I.  Matters regarding student recruitment in the China area are  
    managed by: University Entrance Committee for Mainland China 
    Students. Please refer to the following website for more
    information: http://rusen.stut.edu.tw/cpx/index.html.

II. Entrance method for exchange students of sister universities

       A. Qualification for application: handle the entrance procedure
            in accordance with the cooperation agreement entered 
            into by our university.
       B. Sign-up method: 244_7985e24a.png
             1. Application documents shall be sent to:
No. 1, Songhe 
 Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City 81271,
                 International Affairs Division of National Kaohsiung 
                 University of Hospitality and Tourism.
             2. Application submission documents (application forms 
                 and documents that are submitted will not be returned)
                (1) An application form for entrance of exchange
                (2) A plan for studying overseas
                (3) An original copy of a school attendance certificate
                (4) An original copy of a historical school report card
                (5) A copy of Mainland China resident identity card
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